An Expectant Heart Manifesto

I’m choosing to live life with an expectant heart — in every moment and every trial — and encouraging other women to do the same.

But you might be wondering what exactly does the phrase “an expectant heart” mean?

To me, a woman with an expectant heart expects God to be active in her life, in every season – to witness Him move, answer, be faithful to His Word, and fulfill His promises.

To help explain this further, I created this manifesto:


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Since my late teens, I have loved and followed Jesus. He has held me, carried me,  healed me, lavished His grace upon me. But for most of my born again days, I have not lived well with an expectant heart. My heart has been one that has struggled and wrestled with sin and doubts and hopelessness. There have been so many moments where the enemy has twisted truths and the attitude of my heart has kept me from fully and excitedly expecting God to move, to work, to fulfill His promises in ME (sure somebody else, but not ME), and faith and hope felt like an excruciating task. Which is not how God designed us to live this life! An honest examination of my heart revealed that after a long season of suffering and trials, I stopped expecting God to show up and started expecting hurt and disappointment.

But oh to live with an expectant heart! How that changes things for our souls, for our lives here on this earth! It brings us hope, healing, freedom and access to the work and abundant life in Him that wants for us.